Video Blog – June 2016 – Views on MS

Hi there readers!!!

Been longer than I anticipated in recording a video blog! Last night I became inspired by another blogger I ran across  yesterday.

Warning:  It’s quite raw, unrehearsed and the quickest one I’ve ever done! It’s me with no make up or primp and prepping! Chanel in the flesh!!! Lol!

I speak candidly about my views on Multiple Sclerosis, a topic that I typically shy away from. After reviewing this you will certainly know how I feel about the matter! Nuff Said!!

Blessings to you all!

10 thoughts on “Video Blog – June 2016 – Views on MS”

  1. I couldn’t believe it! Someone with MS that feels the same way I do! I was diagnosed in 2004 and also have refused to take the meds. Other than needing to use a cane when I walk and a chair when I exercise, I’m doing great and feel really good! Just know that you are truly blessed and you have someone on your side! I hope you will check out my blog.
    God bless.

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    1. Thank you for stopping by and considering the video. I typically don’t like reading things about MS because it causes me to magnify the disease vs. The God who heals me. I only did the video to let people know where I stand on the disorder. They say I have it but it doesn’t have me!! I pray your strength and stability always and trust that the blood of the lamb is all the medicine we need with these medical conditions that doctors have no answers for!🤗

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      1. Yeah, I don’t like reading about MS, the cause or effect, or how badly someone’s day was because of it. There seems to be a lot of crying over this nonsense in most of the blogs I’ve read and the sad thing is most do not have a clue how good each day is, even the nastiest of days. Good luck to you and may you find the joy in each and every day.

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  2. Great video post 🙂 MS is hard to live with, but as long as you are fighting it with courage and strength, you will succeed against all odds and with God on your side, that is more than a guarantee. Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

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  3. Praise God, Chanel! I, a physician on fire for Jesus Christ, your sister, am sooo PROUD OF YOU!! THAT is how we testify of our Healer! That’s depending on His divine power to demolish those strongholds, the false mindsets!

    I’d like to encourage all Christians reading this with more resources – this blog contains many helpful links for you; please check them out as the Lord leads you:

    Today is the Day – The Lord Is With Us

    Big hugs, Chanel! 😊

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