Soulful Sunday – The Tip vs The Tithe

The spiritual concept of tithings for many believers takes faith, trust and maturity. Our Heavenly Father wants His children to depend on Him for all things. Our money is no exemption.

The greatest formula for financial peace and success is clearly outlined in the Bible. God requires us to bring the first 10% of our income to Him. The rest belongs to us.

Yet and still quite a few make consistent decisions to offer God a tip instead of our tithe.

This habit could be due to fear, unbelief and trusting in our own human intellect versus the infinite wisdom of our Savior.

However, there are consequences to pay that we may not be aware of when we operate in our own understanding regarding money. There are blessings, opportunities, and deliverances that are held up simply because we don’t believe that God will take care of us.

I was speaking to a friend a couple of days ago who is facing some devastating financial troubles. As I listened to her problems which sounded heavy, I heard the Spirit of The Lord tell me to ask her if she Tithes.

Her response was “The Lord is going to have to wait. He knows what I’m facing and I’ll give to Him when I can. He’s still blessing me even when I don’t give.”

I remember just 4 years earlier having that very same mindset. I was overcome with debt while in between jobs. I became consumed with worry and it looked like I was about to lose it all. I sought the Lord and His response was not what I wanted to hear! He advised that if I wanted deliverance in my money that I had to give my way out in the same area.

Those instructions indeed sounded like an oxymoron to me! He ultimately said it to me three times before I decided that I needed to trust Him with this thing. For what I was doing clearly wasn’t working!

I wasn’t receiving consistent income at the time but was blessed with an unexpected deposit in my bank. I don’t know why I got it. It was just there! That amount was enough to get me through a two week period but God urged me to give it away. It was all I had! After His third whispering to me, I knew for sure that I had to give away the largest sum of money that I ever had in my Christian experience.

The very next week, I was overtaken by three financial blessings that more than tripled my giving sacrifice! I was also offered a job a couple of weeks thereafter. God was faithful when I was obedient!

We deceive ourselves into thinking we are getting God’s best when we offer Him financial tips. What we are receiving in return are simply trickles of “Just Enough”. We rob ourselves of His best which contradicts His Word.

God WILL supply all of our NEEDS when we tip or give nothing at all. That’s His promise to us. But the OVERFLOW and MORE THAN ENOUGH is directly connected to the sacrifice and tithe.

He can’t bless us beyond our acts of faith. As long as we continue to tip the kingdom we limit ourselves in the very same area.

After my financial breakthrough, I’ve never robbed God of neither my financial tithes or my offings. He continues to this very day to blow me away with bountiful blessing that truly are more than enough.

I’m not rich but I want for absolutely nothing which is something I could not say before falling in line with these giving principles.

Are you drowning in financial woes today?

If so, are you tight fisted and gripped with fear because you don’t have enough?

I encourage you to open you hands and give your way out! God WILL honor your sacrifice and show up for you!

The Lord is NOT after your money which He has given to you in the first place but rather He wants your faith to lie in Him and nothing else!

Aren’t you tired of doing things your way which probably isn’t working? Let me encourage you to increase your faith today regarding money and let God begin to truly show out for you!

Until Next Time, Happy Sunday!

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