Soulful Sunday – First Class

I recently returned from a week long business trip. I haven’t flown in a while and literally had to get reacquainted with the experience. Between insulting baggage fees, ridiculous sir charges for seating options, (I thought if you bought a ticket, a seat automatically comes with that purchase!), and violating pat-downs at security (I didn’t take my belt off!) I was simply over it all!

During both my incoming and outgoing flights, I along with over a hundred others took that walk of shame past “First Class”. You know those who are privileged enough to sit in the big leather fluffy chairs in the front cabin of the plane. The leg room, immeasurable and the perks, well I’m not familiar with them because I’ve never been in that league. (Whoopty doo!)

Those who were, all looked the same, in attire and demeanor. The looks they gave us “peasants” as we made our way to that space on the plane for the “Common” was nearly belittling. I noticed right away, but envy certainly never entered my mind. Not even a second!

As I made my way down the very narrow aisles bumping shoulders, heads and other body parts unintentionally along the way, I couldn’t help but to truly analyze the term “First Class”

As a Believer in Christ Jesus, no matter what status, rank, section or category the “World System” puts me in, I am confident in my Spiritual Status as the Queen I was inherited to be. The favor, blessing and honor that my Abba Father has crowned me with far surpasses the superficial title of those “status shirts” in the first few rows of the air craft. (No insult intended!)

I felt no less relevant in my window seat, near the restrooms, in the very last row! I am royalty by the sacrifice of my Savior! 

I’m in no way delusional, especially as I consider how blessed my life is. I’m healthy, I have wonderful children, my Husband adores me, I have a new opportunity to make a positive impact in my new role. Food, clothing and shelter are plentiful! My mind is stable and my soul is at peace. (Priceless!) I truly want for nothing and know that my Daddy is rich beyond perception! I wonder how many of those in “First Class” on my flights were able to say they too have all that!

The answer is not really my concern. Just feeling grateful not to be phased by labels, titles and the like. The next time I am asked if I want to upgrade my seat to First Class, I’ll kindly respond, No Thank You, I’m a permanent member in that league! Just not by YOUR definition!

Never allow what everyone else define as elite, most desirable and above the rest to classify you! You’ve been bought with a price and are eternally labeled in an affiliation that can’t be duplicated. The Class of being a Christian is all we need!

Until next time, Happy Sunday!

6 thoughts on “Soulful Sunday – First Class”

  1. I laughed at how you perfectly described that ‘walk of shame’ past the guys in First class seats. I love the content of this post and how you steered us to the truth that our worth is found in Christ not in worldly status. Thanks for sharing this Chanel!

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  2. Powerful testimony! God’s Holy Spirit is always with us no matter where we are. The condescending first class people may be focused on material things and their status. I’m sitting in the back with you! All we need to do is pray for those people and if they haven’t received Christ for them to do so. Our salvation is beyond first class! Missed you lately….really happy to see your post pop up! Thank you for sharing your walk of faith! Prayers for you and your family!

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    1. Hi there Rick! I’ve been absent for a little over a month. Kinda lost my desire to write for some reason but I have recognized that was a distraction and trick from the enemy. I have to turn my ear back in towards the spirit and close the one that’s been entertaining everything else! God has called me to keep the blog going. That I must do no matter how much I don’t understand the full purpose! Really good to hear from you and that your faith in this regard is still going strong! Thanks for the prayers as well. Blessings always!😇


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