Soulful Sunday – My Greatest F.E.A.R!

I sat talking to a friend who shared with me that a woman she knows in her late 30’s lost her life to lymphoma. She left behind a husband and 3 young children. I didn’t know her but the news completely broke my heart. I nearly wept while taking in the details. The thought of her babies waking up calling for her, needing her and looking for her is nothing short of devastation. Her husband longing for her and now faced with the incredible task of doing only what she could. I just don’t want to imagine the depth of it all….

The news chilled me as I watched my 5 year old son play near by. I realized that after waiting 22 years to obtain the title of Mother that a similar fate is indeed my greatest F.E.A.R! I can only pray that my Heavenly Father will allow me to see him through in the natural into adulthood. 

Those who know me understand how driven and intense I can be at times. I’m a goal oriented, future seeking, plan pedaling individual. I find that I am the most content when I am working toward achieving something. Life doesn’t feel lived just by allowing days, weeks and months to go by with no purpose in mind. I do aim to find balance in my quests and am thankful for the few who help me to do just that!

I accredit my current mindset mostly to my past experiences . Now that I finally realize how much of my life I’ve allowed the enemy to steal from me, I’m on a spiritual mission to claim it all back! My life and things I’ve survived cannot be in vain! My story must end with God’s Glory!!

I don’t want to Leave this life prematurely and certainly not before His will in my life is complete. Like everyone else, I’m clueless of the day or the hour when He may call me home. What I do know for sure are the visions into my destiny that are coming from no one else but my Heavenly Father. They are all His, for the images my flesh struggles to perceive. What I am seeing line up with His truths and they shall come to pass!

But none of this without effort on my part! I can shout, nod and agree with the Gospel but if I don’t do my part naturally, I limit His supernatural, predesigned favor on my life!

I MUST write the vision and make it plain!

I MUST seek in order to find!

I MUST trust and not lean on my own thought processes!

I MUST take care of my temple!

All of the above are actions and scripture based. I have control over this if I consistently choose. My life WILL NOT be cut short as long as I do my part and stay focused.

Are you making the most out of everyday you are blessed to see? What actions are you dedicated to working towards to help bring about your expected and desires end? Rest for a while is a requirement but we must all DO something in order to usher in our destinies. It just won’t happen without a fighting effort! Don’t leave this life full of the treasures God sent you here to give away. Doing so would make this F.E.A.R. a gross reality!

Until Next Time, Happy Sunday!

7 thoughts on “ Soulful Sunday – My Greatest F.E.A.R!”

  1. Hi Chanel,
    I think you summed it well , if one lives according to Godly ways, it gives us a hope in God’s divine intervention, protection and His will being done in our lives. I know that bad things happen to Godly people because we live in a fallen world.
    But as God’s People our trust and hope in God’s saving Grace will see us through.


  2. I remember as a young mother death was also my greatest fear because of my children. I had a cousin who died from an allergy to anesthetic during an operation. She had 3 young girls. I was so afraid that would happen to my daughters.

    I begged God to let me live to raise them. He said yes to that and I’ve also helped raise my grandchildren. That doesn’t mean God will say yes all the time. I know he allows tragedy. After praying about it though, I just let go and trusted God to do what was best. Just wanted you to know, you aren’t alone in your fears for your children.

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    1. Aww thanks for sharing your story Belle! I know there are countless people who have had the thought at least once. Some obsess over it which is totally not me! I had a moment considering my friend’s friend. It was just a moment because I recalled quickly that God does not give us the spirt of Fear. Not freakin out about what I can’t control. I am an older mom and u know I must do many things in the natural to help promote optimum health. God will handle the rest. Only His promises shall prevail and I know He has great things in store for me and my family! So glad to hear that was indeed your experience!🤗

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  3. You and your family are always in my prayers. God has an amazing plan for your life so don’t look to the left or the rîght. The thoughts and concerns may come but they won’t overcome you. Sometimes just look up and Sing
    that old song, “It is well with my soul”.

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  4. I pray your love and actions will always be a legacy for your son! We can’t always understand the ” why” of things…like the young mother you mentioned. Prayers for her family. Thank you for sharing your walk of faith!

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