Soulful Sunday – Pastor Dorothy L. Bell

Have you ever asked yourself what could possibly be holding you back from reaching your fullest potential in life? Seems like no matter your countless efforts, favor consistently evades you?

Consider taking your eye off of external factors for a moment and do a self-inventory; NOW!
My Women of Wisdom author this month is Pastor Dorothy L Bell. She penned a concise and impactful book entitled “Arise…Unpack….Live “Now”!

This read comes at such an appropriate time in my life personally. As I effortlessly strive towards the destiny that my God has shown me, the principles laid out in this book cannot be avoided along my journey.

As a representative of Christ I must rid myself as much as possible of things that are not of him. So here we go!

The instructions commissioned in these pages are bold, just the way I like it! Not for the thin-skinned by far! You want to be successful in your God-given talents and gifts, then consider this as I have!

Arise – Recognize, take heed, and commence to owning up to your stuff! You guilt your shame your past, your blames. Your greed and especially your selfish needs. 

Unpack – Those matters that really hold you back and stop carrying them around like some precious treasure! They are not resourceful and certainly not God’s best for your life! You can’t move forward effectively until you throw these things out of the luggage of your soul!

Live – The first two can be the most difficult parts but once they are REALLY dealt with through the Word of God, Counseling and regular inventory to assure you are won’t Re-pack what you unloaded, NOW it’s time to go forth!!

I can’t give away all the detailed nuggets of this book. The above is just a synopsis of what I got out of it. Just good Godly wise wisdom! You have to get your own copy to fully understand. It can be read in less than a couple of days and will be life changing!

Pastor Dorothy L. Bell
 Pastor Dorothy L. Bell is the CEO and founder of Woman2WomanMinistries and has been serving the Lord diligently for the past 32 years. To order your copy of Arise…Unpack…Live… “Now” contact her directly by e-mail at or on her FaceBook page @Woman2Woman. Don’t forget to visit her website for more inspiration at

Happy Sunday!

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