Soulful Sunday – 1/2016


Hi RLRT readers! I got an unction this week to start a Sunday theme! Not sure yet how often I will do it (Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly) but I’m starting now!
I’ll call it “Soulful Sunday”. Not original but it’s what first came to mind! Ha!

Well this first is about the importance of feeding our souls. Each human is made up of a Body, Mind, and Spirit/Soul.

We typically don’t think twice about feeding our natural bodies food and drink daily. It’s a natural reaction and essential to live. A lot of us even overdo this “Feeding” thing in this area! (Both my hands up while SMH!)

It takes a bit more effort to feed our minds continuously. Our intellect requires nourishment by way of education and reading to obtain earthly knowledge. Some are obsessed with this while others get just enough to be aware of basic life necessities. Never-the-less we all do it whether forced by an instructor or pursued on our own for higher education.

Feeding our souls is essential and I believe the most neglected when society is considered as a whole. Our soul is that part of us that feels, loves, yearns, and longs to make sense out of matters that simply do not….

If the Soul is not fed good and wholesome nourishment, this part of us will surly suffer from starvation. The neglect can produce anger, depression, sadness, confusion, offense, and other adverse reactions that will negatively affect our lives and those in it.

If this famine of the soul goes on for too long, it will have nothing else to rely on but the food supply from our own intelligence. Things we can make sense of naturally will dominate our lives; this can be dangerous territory! The soul will function off of this source but not at its optimum potential. It truly needs it’s own unique food supply!

As a believer in the Gospel and sacrifice of Jesus Christ, I feed my soul with his Word. There is no educational book that can provide me with the answers to life that my soul demands. I am an avid reader and have found nothing more satisfying to my spirit than the instructions in the Bible. I am a glutton for what it has to offer and feel whole as a result. 

Do you have a balanced life when it comes to feeding every part of your make up? If you are restless, discontent or stuck in anyway emotionally, it may be because your soul is grossly deprived! Try feeding it with the Word of God on a regular. Take baby bites if you are a beginner and then begin eating until your heart is content! It’s probably the only thing you can overindulge in that won’t have waist line or swollen ego consequences!😇

Until next time – Happy Eating in Mind, Body & Spirit.

13 thoughts on “Soulful Sunday – 1/2016”

  1. I couldn’t agree more!
    People often get too “eaten up” by this wordly life that they forget to make time for themselves…time to reflect. Which is EXTREMELY important. Balance is key.
    I love how Les Brown,one of my favourite motivational speakers,has said : “Feed your mind and your fears will starve to death.”


  2. Great blog entry 🙂 We can’t live up to every word of the Bible, but we can all at least try to read it daily and learn the words and wisdom that it provides us with. 🙂 Anyway, on my blog, I just posted Part 1 of 3 in my series of posts about the Oscars with this containing my thoughts about the nominees 🙂 Read it whenever you would like 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

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    1. I understand and don’t we all from time to time! When our spirits get restless though we should know that it’s because our soul needs some food!!! Those who know better end right back at the table getting our grub on! Lol! Thanks for reading💕

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  3. Thank you for the very intelligent Bible influenced post.
    I agree with you, reading the word of our creator gives us a strength that we need to survive in this wacky world. The Lord will try to guide and lead us but if we trust him with our souls, he also takes us by the hand.
    For a forty something person you know the good life. Life as you molded it with the Gospel.
    Best wishes.

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    1. Aww Leland thanks for tuning in! After all I’ve been through I know no other way to survive other than the Lord’s direction for sure! My prayer is that he use me; use us to encourage the hearts of those who don’t yet know or those who do but may have lost their way. He’s my everything! Blessing to you always😇


      1. You said, “My prayer is that he use me; use us to encourage the hearts of those who don’t yet know or those who do but may have lost their way.”

        Thank you. I’ve heard that theme here on Blogging 101 from several different people. Now that is some very encouraging, good news for this world as far as I’m concerned. The worldly ways has gotten people into a bad situation. The
        Lord might be using blogging to save people, other ways are going to slow, me thinks.
        Keep up your good work, place you.

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        1. You are welcome and yes I believe anyway we can use our voices for his Glory; me should and must. I try not to be over preachy because many are turned off by that. I was as well before I got to know him. Subtly is my personal approach without compromising whose team I’m on😉


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