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A Rant and a Praise

I don’t know how I’m going to make it and I get frustrated sometimes!  Can I just be REAL!! As a believer, as a child of God and yes as a woman with a measure of Faith that God is for me, at times everything still feels unsure and questionable!!

I started this blog because I needed a place that I could express my RealBoldTruth as a Believer! This Walk with Christ can at times be grueling. It’s not my temperament to be some preachy teachy Christian as if I got it all together! I clearly don’t and not afraid or ashamed to admit this! 

I’ve run across so many that fall under this definition and the earthly good aspect just escapes me at times!  This can’t be more true especially since I’ve deserted being a Holy Roller for the sake of being a relatable representative of the Gospel! Tell it like it is while fighting Spiritual Warfare by Faith. Is it spiritually logical to do both? I believe so; it’s REAL, its BOLD and its TRUTH! Im still working out the balance!

Fact is at times: 

I don’t feel confident!

I don’t know why I’m doing what I’m doing!

I feel like I’m wasting my time and should just go back to doing what felt certain!

I feel like I’m portraying to be somebody that I’m clearly NOT!

I am uncomfortably vulnerable and wonder if God knows that!

Readers, you all are my public diary of sorts so thank you for entertaining my Rant!

So now on to my counter reaction and my Praise!

My most important fact above all is:
I’m crazy in love with my Heavenly Father, His Sacrifice and His Word.

I am absolutely insane and nobody without His covering, protection and instruction.

All of my blessings come from The Lord Most High for apart from Him I can do nothing.

In Him I have the power to stand, endure, and rise above the tricks of the enemy!

Anybody with me on this crazy concoction of emotions which are clearly an Oxymoron? Please say I’m not alone! 

Is this even possible? Oxymoron Indeed!

Whew!! Felt good to get that out; now back to Patience and Faith before My Hope deferred gets the best of me! Can’t have that…..now can we!

Until my next R&P along my journey of growing up in the things of God, Blessing!!!