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RBT Show – Senseless Small Stuff

Hi RBT Readers!

Blessings to you all! I want to take a moment to thank all who have subscribed to this blog and have cheered me along my writing journey. I don’t say it enough being over consumed in business, but I thank and appreciate you from the bottom of my heart!

The RBT blog has progressed from a written platform to a audio show and now a visual talk show on The Heart Ministry Radio platform! What a journey! I’ve learned quickly that’s it’s easier to hide behind my computer or microphone than to assume the pressures of clothes, make up and hair on the set every week! Boy oh boy, what a journey!

My last show that aired this past Monday is entitled “Senseless Small Stuff! Based on the blog I wrote a couple of years ago where I share a personal RBT of mine about my snoring husband! Funny in the grand scheme but truly a Small Matter.

Here’s the link to the show’s replay. Enjoy viewing and remember, Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff!

RBT Show – Senseless Small Stuff

The RBT Show – What’s Holding You Back?

Hello RBT Readers!

These past two weeks have been very busy! All good stuff of course!

I am forging ahead in the development of the RBT visual on-line show and recorded the last two based off of a blog I wrote several months ago.

What’s Holding You Back? Well that’s a legitimate question that only we can answer when we are brave enough to examine our individual lives!

Check out the two part show on this topic and begin to challenge yourself out of your complacency and into DESTINY where you belong!

RBT Show – Angels – The Discovery

Hello RBT Readers!!

The Talk Show on Heart Ministry Radio this past Sunday was a little different. It was a live video taping in the studio!

I’m sharing it here since it is now permanently housed on YouTube and the station’s television branch. 

This show is a combination of the last two audio shows that played a couple of weeks ago. My book entitled “Angels- The Discovery” will be here very soon in 2017! This video show is a sneak preview into the introduction of my penn name “Starr Lee Bryant” and a summary of the book itself!

Check it out and stay tuned for more information including a book trailer in the coming weeks.

Finally, this picture below is of an Angel that I have had for nearly 20 years. I was initially inspired about the presence of Angels around the time I purchased this trinket. She has riding with me in every car I have had in that time frame and reminds me by the inscription on her wings that “I Must Do The Thing I Think I Cannot Do!” An Eleanor  Roosevelt Quote. Who would have thought that she would have been such an intricate part of my spiritual creativity so long ago!

Finally, I’m also sharing the song that initially gave me the vision into the activity of Angels also nearly 20 years ago!  Richard Smallwood & Visions – “Angels”  – Listen and be blessed!

 RBT Talk Show- Angels – Coming 2017

Happy Monday RBT Readers!  It’s that time again!

The Realboldtruth talk show airs this evening on Heart Ministry Radio at 5:30 pm EST!

To access, go to

You can also download the app which is really convenient!

Today’s show will focus on the up and coming book release entitled Angels 👼 which will make its debut 1st Quarter 2017! The story line, how it was inspired and more will be shared with the listening audience. 

I am writing under my penn Name Starr Lee Bryant.  Check out the RBT Talk Show archives for more information!

Thanks for your support and happy listening!🤗

I am Starr Lee Bryant

RBT Talk Show – Not Just Pretty Words!

PLEASE tune in to The RealBoldTruth talk show on Heart Ministry Radio today at 5:30 pm EST! 

Topic for today is entitled “Not Just Pretty Words!”

If you have become weary in waiting and feel like your hope is slipping, understand that if God said it, it’s no lie and shall come to pass!!

Access the show by logging onto or you can download the app!

Also show archives can be accessed as well!!


RealBoldTruth Talk Show – Interview with Suchi Murden

Happy Friday Readers!!

It’s that time again! RealBoldTruth the talk show on Heart Ministry Radio airs tonight at 6 p.m. EST!

I’m really excited about this one for I am interviewing my very first guest! Her name is Suchi Murden. She is a powerful BOLD, spirit led, on fire for Jesus believer with an incredible testimony!!

Born in India and converted from the Hindu faith, she accepted Christ as her Lord and savior and developed the gift of prophecy. We met nearly 4 years ago while I was shopping in Walmart. I was extremely downcast in spirit and suffering from a great deal of depression and anger at the time when God sent Suchi my way. She stopped me and asked if she could pray for me and boy did she ever!!!! She then spoke some very specific words over my life and although I have had great reservations with this spiritual gift, I received every word! 

Photo Credit –

Suchi and I remained connected after that day via social media but this interview is the first time we have sat down to talk since we met!! Her words given by God are manifesting and are absolutely heaven sent!

Can’t give it all away so tune in at! Don’t miss this!


RealBoldTruth Talk Show – Youth Edition

Hi Readers and happy Friday!!

RealBoldTruth, the talk show airs tonight at 6pm EST on Heart Ministry Radio!

Every third Friday of the month is dedicated to our Youth!! Tonight’s show is the first so grab your pre-teens and teenagers and have them listen in!  WARNING: You may have to put them in a choke hold for some tough love! Lol!

The show topic is entitled “Growing up is Hard to do!”

So if you have a pre-teen or teenager who thinks they are GROWN,  or if you are that teen wondering why your parents are always “Trippin”, listen up for a serious reality check, RealBoldTruth Style!

Visit to access the show. The first two are also in archives as well!

Have a blessed weekend!

RBT – The Talk Show on Heart Ministry Radio

Hi Readers!

RealBoldTruth, the talk show made its debut on Heart Ministry Radio last week! Yeah!!! 
The show airs every Friday at 6pm EST and can be accessed by downloading the app or visiting

If you missed the introductory show and want to check it out, the archives are available on the radio’s website.

Tomorrow is the first REAL show and is just as Bold with Truth as the written blog articles. Tune in and let me know what you think! I’m looking for guests to come on future shows so if you are ready to tell your RBT, let me know!

Blessings and thanks for your support!!

RBT – The Talk Show on Heart Ministry Radio

Hi Readers, followers, e-mail connectors and passerbys! I am so completely thrilled to announce that RealBoldTruth the blog will have a Radio Talk Show segment coming this Fall!!

On Friday September 9th at 6:00 PM EST, Heart Ministry Radio will feature a 1/2 segment of RBT! The show will air every Friday thereafter at the same time! Archives will be accessible on the Radio’s website as well!

The same topics read here on the blog and beyond will be discussed in detail. It will be Real, it will be Bold and will tell the Truth in Jesus Name!

The show will sometimes have special guests invited on (could that someone be you?) and there will even be one show a month dedicated to RBT kids, teens and young adults!

Can you get excited with me for God is doing a good thing!!!

Visit for more info, others excellent Christian talk programs and a plethora of inspirational music. You can also download the app for convenient and easy access.

Share, listen in, stay connected and Remain Real in you God ordained Truth!!

Words cannot express the level of appreciation I have for all my readers especially! You all mean more to me than you’ll ever know. Thank you so much for your support!