Just Keep Believing!

Just a little inspirational quote from yours truly today!

I’m in the process of working towards my destiny and the journey has proven to be extremely challenging! But I know The Lord My God is on my side and working out the details that my natural eyes can’t see! That’s called FAITH!

For those on their own path of dreams, stay encouraged with me and know it’s your time in Jesus Name!!

Happy Friday!

9 thoughts on “Just Keep Believing!”

  1. Such a lovely post! Couldn’t be any truer! My mind works overtime to figure things out like- what my future holds, what actions I should take next etc. But my spirit believes! Believes in the one who holds tomorrow; the same one who has been faithful through the years. Now I’m like ‘hush little mind, everything’s going to be ok..’ You, my friend are going places! God bless!

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    1. So true and I know this for sure. Hope deferred can sometimes feel tortuous mentally but remembering that God’s word never comes back void is always reassuring. It shall come to pass! Thanks Rick!😊


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