The Extraordinary You!

Not long ago I was invited to be interviewed By the founder of Heart Ministry Radio, Brenda Divers for her talk show entitled “Extraordinary People In our Neighborhood.” I was absolutely overwhelmed by the opportunity to reach God’s people on this platform! A willing and humble vessel I was and gladly accepted the invitation.

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But I had one problem leading up to the day of the recording; I was far from feeling anywhere near Extraordinary! As I examined my life in its current state, to me, I was looking and feeling rather ordinary!

Kind of mediocre in a sense that at this point I have not reached any defined pinnacle in my goals and visions I know have come from the Lord. Yes I’m walking out in faith concerning my destiny, but I am so far from there! I found myself asking, is this meeting actually premature?

So I have learned that personally I can not trust the voices in my own head most of the time! Some want to keep me labeled as common. Well, the devil is a Liar!!

During the prep session for that interview, some things were bought to my attention and pulled out of me through God’s precious daughter! How grateful I am for the body of Christ for iron truly does sharpen iron!! (Proverbs 27:17)

I didn’t think that some challenges I was brave enough to face were kind of impressive! I had to hear myself speak them out before I was actually able to embrace these matters as true accomplishments. So many others have struggled with the same and have been inspired by my testimony.

By the time the record button went on, I think I was feeling pretty remarkable!
The God we serve does not specialize in average! Everything he makes is exceptional and everyone he calls holds greatness within! He refers to those who believe in his power, Grace and sacrifice through Christ Jesus, “Peculiar People” (1 Peter 2:9) We stand out, Are Royalty and far from just being Regular!

If you struggle to see yourself as accomplished because by your own standards you don’t feel you have “arrived”, stop and begin to see yourself as your Heavenly Father does. During this Christian Journey we all need to be reminded periodically just how extraordinary we truly are!

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19 thoughts on “The Extraordinary You!”

  1. After that message one will surely know that we are Extraordinary once we shut down those voices that come to rob, steal and destroy. After all we are children of the King of Kings, as you quoted…
    (1 Peter 2:9) We stand out, We Are Royalty and far from just being Regular!

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  2. Congratulations on allowing God’s Holy Spirit to guide you and do an exceptional presentation! I did one radio interview about my book and was feeling the same way you were prior to being live on air! Then, in the first second, Holy Spirit guided me . Great post, thank you for sharing your walk of faith.

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    1. Hallelujah Rick! That exactly how the Holy Spirit shows up! I think we start off by trying in our own might but then let the One within us completely take over! I will share the interview later once I receive the clip:-) Blessings my friend!


  3. Thanks for the reminder that we’re extraordinary through Christ. You definitely described how I feel a lot of the times. I just feel l haven’t arrived yet. There’s just so much more I would like to do- but I’m just not there yet. But in all, it’s not by power or might but by the Spirit of God is us. Glad the recording went well. You rock Chanel! ❤

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    1. Hi there my DaisyWillows!! You know I know your position concerning that! I’m still praying though! Lol! I was just too thrilled to have overcome the moment! Felt like a woman with an “S” on my chest! World Watch Out!!!😁


  4. God Bless You My Sweet Sister, what a powerful message to the world!. We are extraordinary because of the God we serve. Continue to walk this purposeful journey with eternal victory in your view.

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