READ THIS! – Ice Cream Kiss – J. Wright-Middleton 

The Real Life/Real Talk is proud to present its 2nd book recommendation!
This month is a featured powerful read entitled “Ice Cream Kiss” penned by Janelle Wright-Middleton.
This is an extrodinary true story of a young woman’s struggles as she transitions from childhood to teenager into a young adult and beyond. 

The focus is on her challenging relationship with her biological mother through each advance in her life. In Ice Cream Kiss, a young lady is being raised by a woman who lived with haunting desires to find  an ultimate love at just about any cost. In the process, this mother and daughter duo face extremely painful consequences in their individual and collective quests for acceptance. The accounts are riveting, thought provoking and heart wrenching. 

Triumph is obtained at the end, in revelation, accession, and discovery that God is the only true and consistent love that the  human heart truly  needs.

A copy of my Amazon Book Review is below. The book is available in paperback and Kindle Edition:

“Ice cream kiss was an exceptional read for me. A Short yet powerful non-fiction personal story that I had a hard time putting down! I concluded the book in a little more than one day. This story took me on a serious emotional roller coaster journey. I often smiled, sometimes laughed, reminisced, reflected, and ached because I could relate.

I highly recommend this book to any woman young or old. Especially the fatherless and those with strained mother/daughter relationships. Such an inspiring, poetic and real life blessing!”

Janelle Wright-Middleton is an Author, Play-Writer, Poet,  Talk Show Host, Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur.
More so, she is an exhorter, survivor, encourager, prayer warrior and living testament on what her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ can and will do for a wounded spirit. 

Janelle is launching a stage play loosely based off of her book, Ice Cream Kiss. It’s entitled “Like Mother, Like Daughter, Like Me.” Tickets can be purchased now. Please see information below. It is sure to be just as powerful; if not more!

J. Wright Middleton’s Cotact Informtion and more!:




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