A Princess/Peasant Experience 

My son has been extremely blessed! He was awarded a scholarship to attend an extremely prestigious private school in Wilmington, DE. Although only facing 1st grade this September, he is destined to get the type of education I didn’t even think existed when I was a kid. 

I’m so very proud to expose him to such a diverse environment. He is a minority in culture amongst his peers but is completely oblivious to this fact right now which I completely love. When I was growing up, my community and surroundings all looked exactly alike. I just never knew any different…..

This past weekend, I took my son to a birthday party of one of his classmates. He was thrilled to go and although not knowing what to expect, I took him. I knew immediately that the parents of his little friend were in a completely different economic class than us. As I traveled to their home for the festivities, I passed handsome lawns with grand houses sitting on acres of land that looked like something on a canvas master painting. I drove winding trails laced with the largest beautiful oak trees I’ve ever seen. Simply breathtaking!

For some reason I caught a lump in my throat as I approached their extra-long private driveway. The home was enormous and the backyard so large that my son referred to it as a park!

I don’t belong here! We’re my initial thoughts. I wanted to retreat so badly but the look of excitement on my son’s face when he saw the massive bounce house set up I couldn’t deny. I knew I had to press through and put on a serious facade.

Will I fit in?

Will I even know what to say?

Will they welcome me?

These were some of the questions running through my mind and beyond as I took my son’s tiny hand and advanced up the cobblestone driveway of this mansion style home. (At least it felt like one to me!)

As I suspected, my son just fell in immediately with the fun. Me on the other hand remained feeling completely out of place! Not because I didn’t try and I never showed how uncomfortable I was on the outside! I greeted everyone and was forced to take a seat at a table where no one was only because all the seats at the first table were all taken! No one invited me over or attempted to make room for me so I just sat alone for a bit watching the children play and took in the scenery.

The host finally came out and I politely introduced myself. She smiled kindly and began piling all the food on the table I was at and walked away. The others continued to chat amongst themselves and sipped wine. I was never offered a glass (Not that I wanted one) but the lack of effort of making me feel welcomed as a guest was grossly missing. I wanted to leave so bad!!!  

My thoughts started to ramble and I became upset with myself that I just wrote a blog called “First Class” about being a daughter of a King and not being phased by the elite people in the front of the plane. Days later, I am at their house sitting at their table and feeling like a serious peasant vs. a princess!

After some time, a few newly arrived guests began to make conversation with me. I ultimately survived the ordeal! 
I had to repent that night because as I was left to my own thoughts at my table of one, I wondered why more believers are not privileged to live as eloquently on this earth when our Father owns it all! REALBOLDTRUTH, it came to my mind!

This held especially true as I drove up to my very tiny house that I’ve been praying over for the past 5 years to be restored! It needs major work and I flashed back to a memory I had upon inspection prior to closing. The inspector looked down on me like I wouldn’t be able to do it and that people like him love taking on projects like the one I was getting ready to purchase. For he was not shy about sharing how he had the money to do so! I looked back and thought BUT GOD! Completely in Faith, I went forward. Five years later not one project is done and I have no clue when it will be…. Still; BUT GOD!

Nevertheless, what a lesson I was exposed to. I feel in my spirit that God purposely put me in that position so that I can get use to it! The favor on my life is getting ready to open doors that will allow for the same, similar or better lifestyles! He has showed me my expected end! The only difference is that I won’t be able to give anyone credit but my ABBA Father for getting me there! I wouldn’t want it any other way! 

Have you ever been in a situation like this that made you uncomfortable?

How did God minister to you in it?

As a believer, did you need to adjust your faith and remind yourself, BUT GOD?

Heavenly Father, I thank you for being my source, my provider, my ever present help and for supplying all of my needs! You are all I require and I pray that you are pleased with the way I manage the resources you put in my hands. I repent for comparing my lifestyle to another and am grateful for every blessing! I don’t rob you of tithes or offerings and still believe you for my own personal defined overflow! I may have been viewed as a Peasant this day but a Princess I still am and my Palace is still to come!

In Jesus Name! Amen!

8 thoughts on “A Princess/Peasant Experience ”

  1. It is great for you to give your son this opportunity! My daughters grew up in better race relations than I did. Here’s an old white dude story for you…my friend Stephen invited me to worship at his church with him and his wife. When we got to the part of greeting visitors, the pastor asked if there were any. She looked around, I looked around, the congregation looked around and since I was the only old white dude, I raised my hand! Not too obvious, right? It was a funny moment and an awesome worship experience!

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    1. Indeed an experience! I’m thankful for it now that I look back. It helped me loosen up a bit around people different from me economically. I can only pray that my demeanor, conversation and ora proved to someone there to not categorize people by skin color or class for we are all simply human. An age old fight, I know but I still believe God! Thanks for reading and chiming in!🤗


  2. Congratulations to your son. He has a good mommie. This is a great post. You were there with your son, and he was happy. And God is working with those others also. (That is what I forget sometimes.)

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    1. Yes and that’s all that really matters, being there for my Son. But I also strongly believe there were lessons for me to learn personally and I took away several nuggets from the experience as painful as it felt at times. I certainly will be better equipped for the next party. My son is very popular so I know it’s coming! Glad to see him thriving in diversity but this age old fight of the races and classes seems never ending! Again, BUT GOD! Thanks for reading!😉

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  3. What a wonderful opportunity for your son! We know how Jesus so much loved the little children! Being an old white dude, I can’t directly relate to your experience inside the house other than to say how embarrassed I am that you were left alone so much of the time. I was in the 9 th grade when my school integrated. We have come far, yet have so far to go! Prayers for your son to have an outstanding year filled with many blessings and achievements! So proud of you for being a great Mom!

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    1. Hi Rick! This was indeed an experience. Very bitter sweet because I did take away a few lessons. My son had a blast and again I’m thrilled to provide him with the opportunity to be comfortable around all different types of people. Something I didn’t learn until later in my life and I vowed for that not to be the case with my children! Yes age old topic with very slow change! But God! Blessing to my “Old White Dude” reader! Lol! (I’m sure that a bit exaggerated! You’re only as old as you claim!! Blessings my friend!🤗


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