Handle Your Haters!

I have a sister in Christ who does not believe in the term “Haters”. I so respect this woman of God on so many levels but I completely disagree with her view concerning this specific class of people. They REALLY do exist! In fact, I use to be one of her’s as a babe in Christ! I was filled to the max with insecurities, low self image, and not understanding my position in God.  Wow! Can’t believe I publicly confessed that and it actually feels REALLY good! RealBoldTruth!

Since I’ve been there, operating as a hater, I know them when I see them!!
By The Way, for those who don’t know the term or its meaning, here are a few:

A Hater is:

A person who simply cannot be happy about another’s success.

An overly opinionated person always pointing out what they feel is a flaw in another.

A negative or critical person.

Haters are typically filled with jealousy and envy. They spend way too much time consumed about what God put in others that they fail to appreciate, discover and embrace what He actually put in them! What a waste! The root of the emotion is not caused by the person they are hating on, but rather some deep, unresolved issue that “The Hater” themselves harbor. They are good at self deflection. They aim to distract others away from their own deeply sown issues by constantly exposing even the smallest in others. This is what I call “Hateration” at its finest! 

A Hater finds it hard to be happy about another’s success, sudden good fortune or positive turn in life events. They even hate on things they have no knowledge on and often conjure up their own conclusions. Envy races through their veins like blood. You can see it on their faces and feel it in their demeanor. 

I take a weekly exercise class that I have been committed to for the past 3 months. It’s completely invigorating and alters my mood in such a reinforcing way. This class has become my much needed “Me Time” and I simply look forward to it and have a ball mastering the dance routines.

I have at least one Hater in that class. I see her every week and no matter how consistently I speak, her body language, looks and few comments makes it clear that she has a problem with me. As I have perfected the dance moves over time, I’ve started putting my own little signature on them and heard her make a remark as I tailored the dance making it my own. I simply ignored it because I knew where it was coming from. 

Little does she know that I’m at least a decade older than her and I’m ecstatic that I can still walk let alone dance, twist and keep up with the class being diagnosed with a chronic medical illness that tries to threaten all of this daily. I participate with the energy of a 25 year old and know that it is Christ that sustains me!

My Hater doesn’t know that and fills in the blanks as she struggles to keep up consistent energy from beginning to end. She would by now if she would take her eyes off of others and concentrate on her own efforts. For if she only knew the battle I fight she would possibly turn into being a cheerleader instead of a Hater. Possibly….

So how do you handle “Haters”? Regrettably we must, especially if we can’t avoid having contact with them. We face them with nothing else but the love of the Lord of course! Regardless of how they perceive you, showing kindness, giving soft encouraging words and simply giving them the complete opposite of the energy they give you is the best ammunition you can fire back!

I know for sure that doing this consistently is extremely trying. Unfortunately your “Haters” can sometimes be people very close to you including family members, co-workers and neighbors. This is indeed painful to watch someone who should automatically have your best interest at hand and want to see you do well secretly or openly sabotage you! Yet and still, the formula of handling them is indeed the same.

Love, compassion, sympathy and empathy can soften a sour heart; if it’s willing. What ever the outcome, we should never compromise our character in Christ by coming down on the level of the “Hater”. Remember, they are suffering from a serious deficiency called healthy self regard and it can be very sad. Show them the Love of Christ by encouraging them to take a look within to find their own unduplicated value and beauty. If they are unwilling to take on a different perspective,  then releasing them in prayer is all that’s left to do. Being delivered from a “Hating” mentality is an individual choice but it’s doable. Again, I’ve been there!

“Hating” Is an adverse emotion from the spirit of the enemy and must be combatted with the spirit of the Lord. 

By the way, if this post offends you or stirs up an inkling of raw feelings, then it’s possible that you just might be a “Hater”. 

6 thoughts on “Handle Your Haters!”

  1. A wonderful message on loving those who hate. I immediately thought of my first day in 10th grade. I was in a new school and feeling terrified since I knew no one. As I walked along, a boy looked at me and said, “You have milky white legs,” and then laughed.

    I lived in California then and everyone wanted to be tanned. I stopped walking and felt embarrassed and hurt, but honestly I couldn’t think of a thing to say to the boy so I smiled at him! I guess that stunned him. He didn’t say anything else. Anyway, from that time on whenever I saw him, he was extra nice to me. We didn’t become friends or anything, but my smile was what changed his attitude I guess. I wasn’t a Christian then, but I’ve always remembered how my reaction changed him.

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    1. Wow! You did it back then not even knowing the Lord so how much more now!!! Most kids would have folded in sadness but you showed love at such a tender age! Good for you! I bet that kid remembers to this day. Thanks for reading and blessings always!😇

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  2. Thank you for sharing your walk of faith and for writing this excellent piece. The more time we spend with God and in scripture, His message of love will become part of us. It is a definite process and loving your hater and praying for them can be quite the challenge! Great writing on a very important topic!

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    1. Rick so very true! If more of us would operate under these principles more consistently, then what a world we would live in! Thank as always for reading and commenting!🤗


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