Soulful Sunday – The Assembly

I love Sundays! Probably my next favorite day of the week after Fridays for obvious reasons!!

Sundays are serene, a day I can dictate and choose to use as my heart so pleases! Good old Rest and Relaxation is my goal on this day; of course after I come home from Church!

For many, church attendance is optional, not truly a necessity and feels more like a chore. After giving our employer that 9-5 Monday-Friday and Saturdays are used for what we can’t do during the week, Sunday is the day that a great deal choose to sleep in and keep for themselves. Then there are those who have been hurt by the Church and have determined that attendance is just not for them. Watching an on-line or televised inspirational special is good enough. Not to mention convenient and all many are willing to give!

Personally, I completely understand all of these examples. I am a very busy lady! A mother, wife, full time employee, daughter, friend, writer and a multitude of other titles and hats I’ve been blessed to wear. It all gets done someway and some how. Furthermore, I understand church hurt far too well. It stings and offends the soul oftentimes beyond repair if wisdom is not sought in these sensitive cases.

But the RealBoldTruth in the matter is that our Lord and Savior, the precious Heavenly  Father clearly instructs that gathering with the saints of God is not an option. He wants us to regardless if the enemy has tricked us into thinking going is not such a big deal.  Well, it is!

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Hebrews 10:25 instructs us as Believers to get together for Worship and Instruction. Some may argue this interpretation but sounds like Church to me! Especially when I read this passage in the Amplified Version.

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By ignoring this direction and remaining secluded in our reverence to Christ
we deny ourselves and others many blessings. They include extended knowledge, fellowship, opportunities to give (not just finances) and times to receive.

I don’t know about you but there are times when I lie in bed on Sunday mornings and my physical logic just don’t feel like being bothered! It’s that same feeling I get when my brain says go to the gym but my body don’t want to cooperate! When my spirit gets the final say, I drag my flesh into doing what it doesn’t feel like doing.  By the time my workout ends, I feel like I can conquer the world! No matter if people around me think, “What in creation is she doing???”

I get this same sense of uphoria after I leave church. My spirit has been touched and edified. I was able to hug or encourage someone who came in discouraged. I find out about a new event that my family or children can benefit from. I meet new friends that add so much value to my life and I pray that I do the same in return. Unexpected blessings occur periodically that I certainly would not have been able to receive if I choose to stay home consistently. Networking connections present themselves and beyond. My soul is charged like a battery until I join the assembly again. There’s nothing like it!

I don’t have to stress the understatement that life can be excruciating at times. The society of others who share our common faith makes our challenges a lot easier to handle. I wish I could say that we don’t have to be guarded in a sense when it comes to us “Church Folk”, but the enemy is who he is amongst humans who will never be flawless! 

Develop a gift of discernment when it comes to picking a church and how close you get to those in it. My motto is chew the meat and spit out the bones! That’s the practice of hearing from your spirit man what is for you and what is not! Unfortunately, the devil will walk right up in the building! He will take a seat to continue to cause confusion amongst the saints and the world who watches our conduct.

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Although we have little to no control over this, there are still less devils in church than in the world! There is safety, protection and strength in the body of Christ overall and real benefits for attending. 

Regardless of what you decide to do with this gentle reminder, know that it’s a fact, as believers,  we need each other to survive.

Happy Sunday!

5 thoughts on “Soulful Sunday – The Assembly”

  1. Great reminder of all the great things that we miss out on by not attending church services, for some church on social media has been like a replacement for physically getting up and going to church and fellowshipping with the saints.
    My My how the devil steals…..nothing like being around people of Precious Like Faith. It’s like Thanksgiving every Sun, we get to feast with our brothers & sisters on the word of God, worship the Lord together, encourage each other, pray one for the other, bless others as the Lord leads…..oh so many things the Spirit of God through His of Believers get to accomplish in and through the body of Christ.

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    1. Fellowship is so priceless! I too appreciate my Faith Tv Evangelist for they have done my spirit a whole lot of good but to be in the midst; there is just no comparison! Thanks for Reading Pastor Mary!!🤗


  2. Great post 🙂 Sometimes (especially If someone leads a busy life), we all have that urge to stay home on Sundays because we just want a day to ourselves, but it would not feel right to do that because If one skips church they would be missing out on the feeling they get when they sit in attendance and when it is time to go home, one suddenly feel great about their self as a result. Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

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    1. Thanks John! You know some can also go in Church broken and come out the same way. Each individual has to have a Level of expectations, strong belief in the changing power of Christ and a willingness to fight a warped perception. All while keeping their eyes on the Lord vs. people. It’s a lot but we have to do all these things on the outside as well. I’d rather do them with my fellow believers! Thanks for reading 🤗

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      1. Same here 🙂 I apologize If I did not make my self clear 🙂 I was actually referring to people who were not broken but yeah the reverse can happen to. Once again, keep up the great work as always 🙂

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