Soulful Sunday – Be Ye Ever Ready

Last month my employer sent me away on business travel. I’m not very fond of leaving my family for extended periods of time. My husband had just returned home after his job sent him away for a week two days before I was to leave for Wilmington NC. 

All I could think of was business all day long non-stop! Breakfast, meetings, lunch, more meetings, dinner meetings and business happy hour!! I can’t put on professional “Game Face” but for so long! I’m not a very good extended hob-nobber by far! I have to eventually take the facade off, breath and just be myself!

This trip however turned out to be a Pleasant surprise! God used me to minister to one of his son’s and three of his daughters during my short two day stay! 

My boss asked if I wanted to rent a car to get around or just take an Uber. I declined the rental. While on my flight I wondered if I had made the wrong choice. Little did I know at the time, I had made a God choice!

My taxi driver that transported me to my hotel shared with me her financial struggles. I felt moved to leave her a healthy tip. She was overwhelmed and so very grateful!

The following morning I called for another Taxi to take me to the office. A man arrived and as soon as I opened the door I noticed a bible laying very close to the driver’s seat. I instantly opened up conversation with him and learned that he was trying to learn about God, was going through a very difficult period in his life and was unsure if he was indeed saved. The Lord used me to pray with him and lead him to salvation before I got out the car.

I was to meet several high level business associates that morning. The first was a facility CEO. As I sat in her office I felt the presence of God and knew that she was a believer. During lunch I took a chance and opened up to her about my faith. We talked about Christ nearly the entire time.

That evening was not filled with business meetings and I was so grateful! I took a cab to the beach and treated myself to dinner. I decided to take an Uber back and got a lovely young lady who was still in college. We talked the entire time and God used me to encourage her on some decisions regarding her future endeavors. She was extremely receptive and such a pleasure to talk to.

Finally, my driver who arrived to transport me back to the airport was a woman several years younger than me. She was playing gospel music in the car and of course I sparked conversation based on that. What followed shocked me beyond my expectations! She opened up about a testimony that I certainly would not have matched with my natural eye by the way she looked! We praised God the entire ride! Before I left her, God used me to lay hands on her to declare healing, prayed with her and exchange contact information.

As I sat in the airport waiting for my flight, with my spirit reminiscing on all my encounters, it was clear to me that God sent me all the way to Wilmington, NC to minister to four of his precious children. Glory to His Name! What a complete Holy Ghost set up and honor!!

My soul was stirred up in prayer the entire time so I was ready! My spiritual ear was tender to the urging of my Father to speak to these strangers about his goodness.

Has God ever used you in unpredictable places before?

As children of The Most High God, we must be ever ready when he calls us to be representatives of Him. You just will never know who you will meet and the incredible stories behind those faces! It’s never about us, but Him and Him alone.

Have a blessed Sunday and be ye ever ready!

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    1. Thanks Deanna! I am behind on my reading especially my blogging buddies who write at length. My posts as of lates have been pre scheduled while tending to my mom who has fallen ill. Trying to keep up has been well…. trying. I will certain read when time permits! Blessings to you and pray all is well😊

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