Heart Ministry Radio Interview – Leadership 

Happy Wednesday Readers!!

I have some exciting news to share!

Tonight at 8pm est, yours truly will be interviewed again on Heart Ministry Radio!

This time I was called by one of the station’s show hosts, Valerie Brown-Baul, a.k.a Coach Val, to speak on the topic of leadership on her show “Leadership, The I Am….Way. Some of you may recall that I did my very first reading recommendation on her book entitled the same. If you missed it, here is the link. Again an excellent resource on developing in Christian Leadership.

Coach Valerie Brown-Baul


I would be honored if you would listen in on the interview tonight. Visit the website at http://www.heartministryradio.info or download the app to tune in! You will also be blessed with commercial free gospel music, inspirational talk shows, and periodically you will hear my voice reading some of the blogs posted here on this site! God has really been using me for his glory and I am completely humbled and honored!

If you tune in, write back on this platform and let me know your thoughts! Blessings to you all!!





11 thoughts on “Heart Ministry Radio Interview – Leadership ”

    1. Hey there alysha!! Thank you for tuning in! I am always looking for new books to review and those I’ve done this far are self inspiring and Christ-centered, which compliments my theme. Haven’t done a non-fiction book yet but would so love to as long as it is Christian based for sure🤗

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