Read This! Dreaming the Dream

This month’s book review is coming a day late but I don’t even know if what I have to say will serve enough justice! It’s entitled “Dreaming the Dream!”

This one, without question is a serious MUST READ! I picked it up at such an appropriate time and was completely blessed beyond description!

This book is an incredible collaboration of 8 exceptional women and men of God who will inspire their readers to walk in love, keep their faith and refuse to abandon their dreams!

This read was beyond timely for me as I have reached a plateau while walking such an uncertain path towards my heart’s desires. Something inside has been reignited after considering the content between these pages.

Here are some highlights! It is my hopes that they will tempt you to purchase your own copy so that you can experience the totality of all the wisdom this book has to offer!

Shawneya Ellis will challenge you to reexamine your life and do some serious pruning! There may be some deadly seeds that may have been deposited in you life. They are smothering and preventing you from experiencing God’s best! 

Romella Vaughn provides incredible wisdom on why it’s necessary for every believer to wait on God. Patience is truly a virtue! While we wait we must be in preparation, focus on healing, be patient, have no fear, be aware of distractions and Trust God through it all!

Kishma A. George will encourage your heart and motivate readers to use what they have! Be unique, authentic and never downgrade the gift and visions that come to you from the Lord! They shall come to pass; it has been declared!!

Pippa Ashley provides a moving depiction of the essence of love. She reminds readers of its purpose, importance, the way it should operate and move in the life of a believer.

Dr. Yomi Garnett boldly decrees on the necessity of a steadfast spirit that is essential in living out your dreams. Don’t wallow in your past rather learn from them. Preserverence is non-negotiable and if failure is experienced, its not over! Have faith and fight to be extraordinary!

Rodney Davis shares a powerful testimony on his personal journey towards reaching his own dreams. His story really ministered to me about how God loves using people with barren wombs to produce incredible outcomes!

Tammy Collins Markee encourages readers to be resilient towards the quest of walking towards your dreams. Like a powerful inferno we must keep our eye on the mark while maintaining a humble disposition as we represent him and understand that it’s His process.

Trina Bowers provides loving conviction on the importance of operating in loyalty in order to obtain favor in our own desires. At times we must serve and help others reach their own destiny before ours will come to pass. Selfishness not allowed!

These are just a sample of nuggets I personally obtained from this excellent read. Again I don’t have enough words to express how each one of these authors inspired me to change certain aspects of my spirit as I journey towards what God has for me.

Dreaming the Dream is available on in both paperback and kindle edition.

Purchase, read, share and be inspired!

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