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Several weeks ago I was asked by a couple of fellow bloggers what books I have read. I thought that this would be an excellent opportunity to share what I consider excellent reads! I am a devout fan of spiritual self empowerment books and those that tell stories of real life triumph. Books like these have been equivalent to life road maps and serve as mentoring and developmental tools for me. I am grateful for them all!

I am super excited to present to The RLRT readers my first book recommendation. It is entitled “Leadership – The I Am…Way” by Valerie Brown-Baul, MBA.

I know this wonderful lady personally and she is such a phenomenal leader, coach and mentor!

If you are one who longs to solidify your life’s purpose in order to angel your dreams consistently in a forward moving motion, I highly recommend getting to know “The I Am…Way”.

I concluded the book in two weeks. It is short yet one of the most powerful reads that I have encountered.  My  eyes were really opened to some aspects of my spirituality that I was not connecting back to my God given gifts.

“The I Am…Way” – which stands for – Impact, Action, Mastery is self reflective. A spiritual interactive analysis that provokes inner thought and a deep level of soul searching. It’s instructions and suggestions points readers to our Heavenly Father who is indeed, The Great I Am!
The book takes its readers on a journey to consider the health of the mind, body, soul, it’s will and emotions. Then it challenges one to determine if all align with the Will of God. (Get ready for homework with this one!)

I believe this book is a true simplistic way of how to really master life as a believer!

Leadership – “The I Am …Way” will certainly become a permanent presence in my library as a point of reference. Not just a one time read!

Read if you:

Feel called to lead 

Are a leader

Have big dreams

Struggle with identifying your purpose

And much much more!!

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9 thoughts on “READ THIS! – Leadership – The I Am…Way”

  1. Definitely will add to my list of books to read this Spring. Another excellent book is “Pearls of Wisdom” by Carla Harris. Carla is a Vice Chairman, Wealth Management, Managing Director and Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley. She is an outstanding author and gospel singer. I have had the pleasure of having Carla present at several diversity sessions for young people breaking into the corporate world. When it comes to breaking the “cement ceiling” Carla can give some great insight.

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