Unstoppable II

I have not uttered a word on my blog in weeks.  In fact this entry is the first for the month of April.  I typically plan out my blogging topics one-two weeks before a new month arrives.  I had my writing theme all planned out days before the  1st of April.  I felt dedicated, committed and looked forward to getting responses from readers, if any….

Yet somethings hit me unexpectedly that caused creative paralysis, mentally and spiritually.  Multiple attacks on my health, overwhelming stress on my job and challenges with loved ones piled on simultaneously. I can’t forget to mention the biggest culprit of all; the lingering emotion of self-doubt.   As a result of it all, I checked out, gave up and abandoned my passion.  An intense “Stronghold” came over me that I couldn’t seem to shake.  I felt weak, exhausted, and uninspired….

This time reminded me of a poem I wrote over 16 years ago entitled “Strongholds”:

I’ll only release what I care to reveal

Because something inside is still longing to heal

I want to let go; grasp opportunities to feel

Experience true forgiveness; embrace everything that’s real

Yet forces so strong continue to conceal

Hovering deep in my soul and render me still


Although what I face today are not quite the same set of circumstances as back then, but the intensity of sentiments are identical.  I’m struggling to keep moving and stay focused amongst the turmoil life is dealing me. At the same time I am still haunted by my dreams and desires to complete my mission.

Yesterday, I attended a book signing of some pretty phenomenal men and women.  I purchased the ticket to the event nearly a month prior.  When the day came, instantly the battle within gave me a million reasons why I should NOT attend.  It’s too far; you need to rest; you are not feeling well; you may not know anyone; your son is crying for you to stay with him; you being there is not going to make a difference anyway.  Never-the-less, I pushed out past every negative thought in my mind, and I am so glad that I did…

After the actual purchase and signing of the book, each author addressed the event’s attendees.  The theme and name of the book is entitled “Bringing Forth The Dreamer In You”. They prayed, exalted, gave prophetic words and simply encouraged everyone in the audience to stay focused on their dreams.

One of the co-author’s in particular spoke about Being Unstoppable.  That message was what I needed to look at what I am facing differently.

 Being Unstoppable means having a resiliency that nothing can penetrate.  Regardless of the set of circumstances, how helpless, sad, down, frustrated or weary I may become, I must not stop until I reach my desired end.  My spirit won’t rest until my mission is complete and dreams are fulfilled.  However, this is the most difficult thing to do, especially when it appears that all hell is breaking loose in my life. Quitting is much more comfortable and easy. Yet when I do, I find myself restless and disappointed. These feelings can no longer be permanent solutions.

Being at the book signing event bought revelation to my life.  I know that I am not surrounded or connecting frequently enough with like-minded people who are pursuing their dreams.  Being in a room filled with “Dreamers” felt contagious.  We fed off of the energy of one another.  I can only imagine that nearly every person there walked away changed, motivated and inspired.  I know I was….

As I find healthy ways to deal with my life challenges, I pray for a steadfast and committed spirit to find the appropriate mix of resources and people to help me to do so.  I can’t be unstoppable alone; I’ve found this to be true the hard way!  I need the proper tools and will do what I must to get them.  If that means attending more events, securing mentorship, reading books and encouraging others along the way, then that is what I must do.

If you are one reading this blog who have experienced similar set-backs, I encourage you to purchase the book. It is an awesome inspirational set of stories by real life people that will assist you in reaching towards your dreams and destiny.

Do whatever it takes to be Unstoppable..


Bringing Forth The Dreamer In You – Foreword by Les Brown

Authors – Trina Bowers, Vincent K. Harris, Mary Cooper, Kishma A. George, Danielle Ashley, Hakeem Collins, Naim Collins. Janelle Middleton, & Rodney Davis

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