The Courage To Believe

I was inspired to start this blog by being in the company of two beautiful women with vision.  One was my hair dresser.  I was casually sitting in the chair of her quaint little shop while she was working her magic with her curling irons.  The Space is stylishly designed and cozy.  As usual my mind is wandering; thinking of how I ever let her talk me into this new short cut I have been rocking for the past several weeks. I told myself that it was the alcohol as she so elegantly serves wine to her patiently awaiting patrons.  Yet I was comfortable and confidently assured that I was in the right hands, in the right place, and surprisingly at the right time.

The second woman was a friend of my hair dresser who had entered the salon moments before I transferred from the dryer into the styling chair.  She was bubbly, filled with excitement and full of uplifting praise.  I decided to close my eyes as a way of escaping and respecting the conversation between the two.  Typically this works for me.  I can tune out of a conversation easily and won’t absorb a word by mentally removing myself from the environment.  However, this time I could not.  I was so intrigued by what they were talking about.  Apparently, my hair dresser had recently reached a great milestone in her independence.  She stepped out and opened her own shop after many years of of doing hair in shops of various business owners.  I knew this already, but did not fully understand the details of her journey.  As I listened to her friend explain what my hair dresser had gone through to get to her own space, I could not help but to get sucked in the conversation.  I was not among average thinking women, but those with acting dreams.

I have been in the company of many dreamers for I believe every human being has them, but there was something different about listening to this particular journey.  It has working hands behind those dreams!  Lip service was not the only ingredient! Suddenly I looked at the shop differently.  It’s a petite space, but is hers! Every detail from the paint colors, to the furnishing, to the art work was hand selected by my hair dresser.  I don’t even think she had fully absorbed her accomplishment until her friend described it in detail by taking her on a trip down memory lane.  The story was amazing! One would have had to be a person without vision not to be inspired in that very moment.

After my hair dresser put the finishing touches on my short tresses and withdrew the protective cape from my neck, I got up from the chair and addressed them both.  First I humbly apologized for listening to their every word but emotionally explained how encouraged I was by their conversation.  My hair dresser’s friend is also a stylist.  However, she was at a stop in her personal vision due to life circumstances.  I related to how she was feeling all too well! She was obviously inspired by her friend to get back on the horse and try again.  With sincerity, I know she will do it because she sees it CAN be done!  I found myself encouraging them both by reassuring my hair dresser that she possess unspeakable talent accompanied by the most inviting personality. Just a winning combination for success.  The atmosphere in her shop excludes the average unprofitable non-sense gossip which typically keeps me from staying committed to any hair salon.  The conversations are mostly positive.  She has only just begun.

I was then lead to encourage her friend about how we as women (and people in general) sabotage our own destiny by not believing in ourselves.  I ended up sharing my own desires about wanting to be a published author one day.  Both women asked what was stopping me and said that I should start a blog about what I was sharing with them.  I had no idea that while I was encouraging them I made up a bunch of excuses about my own dreams.  Self Sabotage 101! It was easy to encourage them but when the tables turned, my BUTS got in the way big time! Both of them made me recognize that instantly.  How I appreciated their candidness.  I had a million excuses as to why I could not.  Blogging is not the right stage for me right now…..I don’t have enough available time…..Maintaining it would be too hectic.  What I was really saying that I did not verbally  express to them is that I don’t believe what I have to say is unique enough…..I tried this before and it did not work…..I don’t think I am good enough…..What if I don’t develop a reading audience…….What if I quit……on and on; I was my worst enemy and harshest critic.

How many of us do this to ourselves constantly?  We know that we have the ability to rise above our current circumstances by stepping out on faith in our God Given talents but we become paralyzed by fear and self doubt.  Most people won’t admit to this but I know I am not the only one.  Just like in a recovery program, I think  the first step to believing in ourselves is admitting that we don’t believe. Sounds like an oxymoron but may be a very true statement none-the-less.  When we can admit this then seeking ways, people, and resources to turn this negative attitude into one that empowers and gives us the inspiration to take a chance on ourselves certainly should come next.

The beginning of this blog is just that! I have a very busy mind and consider myself a realist.  I am stepping out on faith and taking a chance on myself.  I encourage others to follow me and join in on my conversations  about various matters that strike me as thought provoking and worthy of comments or discussion.  I am looking forward to embracing my own journey and hopefully inspire new ones in my readers……

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