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Soulful Sunday – You Spoiled Brat!!

Gosh, you’re such a little brat!
Did That title get your attention? Good that’s what I was hoping for!
If you are a parent in any way who loves and wants nothing but the best for your children, I’m sure you’ve had moments when you sat back and looked at them knowing you helped create some spoiled little monsters! Without regrets of course!

I’m raising a toddler full time right now. A little boy that has me completely wrapped around his little life! Because of deficiencies in my own childhood I tend to go slightly overboard at times with provision for him. He has quickly grown accustomed to expecting and demanding what he wants naturally! Most of the time it’s a pleasure for me to give. But I also have learned when to pump the breaks and slow down, for his good and mine!

Sometimes he quickly forgets my sacrifices and makes references like I’ve never done a thing for him ever! I know this is just a tactic he has learned to try and get his way, but he has managed to hurt my little feelings at least once or twice in this regard over the years! If this is what I get at 4, I certainly won’t rush 14 and 24!!! Yeah, I think I can wait for that!!
As children of the Most High God, do our lives and behaviors sometimes mimic a child throwing temper tantrums and pouting because we can’t have our way when we want it?

When we consider our Heavenly Father, do we sometimes hurt his feelings by quickly forgetting what he has done for us? You know this to be true if you start acting out in unbelief, start doubting your faith-walk, question the vision he’s given you and begin to complain about your current circumstances. 

I was recently convicted of this child-like temperament just this past week. Loathing what seems to me and by my natural eye that my life is going no-where as of lates. Self-pity, comparing myself to others and forgetting what He’s done for me in the past. 

This revelation had me quickly confessing in prayer “Abba Father, please forgive my self-centered ways! I praise you for all you’ve done and know that you still have great plans for me. I shall be still and patient. I”ll wait on you because I trust you. Amen!”

Can you relate to this? If so, don’t beat yourself up for you are not alone! Our Heavenly Father knows each and everyone of his children and he knows we will get side tracked at times and get impatient with His process. But we do tend to grieve Him when we forget what He’s done and the promises of His word. 

They are our ever present reminders that say:
He will supply our needs..-Phillipians 4:19

He has plans for us..-Jeremiah 20:11

Ask and you shall receive ; seek and you shall find…-Matthew 7:7

He shall never leave or forsake us..-Hebrews 13:5

He came so that we may have an abundant life..-John 10:10

His promises don’t come back void..-2nd Corinthians 1:20

So join me today and:

Don’t complain – for life could be far worse!
Don’t pout – for you have many reasons to smile and are truly blessed!

Don’t throw tantrums – because it’s his perfect timing as a Parent and he knows what’s best for each and every one of us.

Don’t compare yourself to another – You are unique, wonderfully made, precious and matchless in His eye sight.
Those things alone are enough to be grateful for! 

Thank goodness for His everlasting Grace and Mercy!! He forever holds an eternal sweet spot in his heart for us, even through our periodic bratty ways!

Have a blessed Sunday!