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Soulful Sunday – God Ain’t No Punk!

Shhhh – Don’t tell nobody, but I like scary movies! Carrie, Poltergeist, Freddy Krueger, and Tales from the Crypt, are just to name a few that I was introduced to at an early age. Back then they all completely scared the pants off me as a kid! As I got older I guess I adopted some sick level of appreciation for them. It’s mere mindless entertainment right? But are they really?

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Two Saturdays ago I watched a modern day horror flick and noticed that my spirit was not in agreement! Hadn’t seen one in years! I was feeding on something that didn’t sit well and became totally uncomfortable and quite offended actually!

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Has anyone else but me taken notice that these types of movies make God appear to be of no effect? There is usually a trend in many movies of terror. When the dark spiritual antagonist is discovered, characters in the films always call on a preacher, priest or reverend to cast out and fight this enemy. Of course the devil is always portrayed as incredibly powerful, all mighty, and basically undefeatable! While the characters of faith pray, wave their cross or crucifix, splashes around some holy water only to be overtaken and completely overthrown! 

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Well the devil is a liar! The God I serve is NO PUNK! He’s no doormat or passive powerless being incapable of being King!

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He’s the Alpha & Omega; Beginning and the end! He has all power in his hands mighty enough to cast out any enemy who tries to wreak havoc where he does not belong! He is Ruler, Healer, Provider, Protecter, one who can resurrect the dead, create the entire universe and declare Himself “The Great I Am!” Shall I say more! I could but I know you get the picture for sure!

If I were on the other side of Faith that would be extremely intimidating! The question would be “How the heck am I ever going to declare victory when He already proclaimed He Wins!!

So I declare publicly in my RealBoldTruth that I am delivered from these types of films. I never realized before the impact that these movies could have on my spirit. I have grown so much in Christ since the last time I watched a scary movie and it became clear quickly that I just can’t partake anymore. I no longer care to upset my soul with this level of nonsense and can find other means of entertainment for real!

Pray you all are having a blessed Sunday and remember, our God Ain’t No Punk!!