Soulful Sunday – Painful Truths

God sometimes speaks to us through other people. He knows we as humans need what He’s saying at times delivered in the flesh because it’s touchable; It’s relatable.

Having the gift of discernment when others provide us with constructive criticism is critical. For things spoken that don’t line up with the Word of God can be devastating if we don’t know any better.

These days, I so welcome correction for it’s my desire to move forward in growth, naturally and spiritually. There are a handful of people who God has sent in my life to help mold and shape my spirit. This includes addressing my wrongs, inconsistencies and immaturity. I take it free of offense and know that I’m developing into a better person and Representative of Christ because of it.

A young woman I know is clearly being verbally abused by her father. Although she is of legal age and clearly an adult, her father has built a controlling environment around her with his narsacisstic behavior patterns. His words to her are extremely harsh and aims to destroy her character. She is going through an extremely difficult time in her life and gets vulnerable to talk to her father often. The end result is always a complete disaster as he rips her apart at the seams with insults, name calling, and painful judgement. All of it piled on top of her very unfortunate circumstances.

It’s clear to me that this man has deeply rooted issues of his own that were never addressed. His self deflecting ways confirms this as I consider his words, actions and experiences. All of what he says is painful but none the Truth.

A sure way that we can tell if God is speaking to us through another is understanding Him. The only way to do so is through His Word. There is no subject or life event that He has left uncovered. It’s ALL there in The Bible.

God corrects us lovingly.

He knows us individually and uniquely better than anyone.

He would never leave us feeling unwanted, abandoned or without solutions to our problems.

He certainly would not label us adversely with descriptions and name calling that is completely demeaning.

God has regard for us and says specific things about who and what we are in Him that NO ONE can take away!

If God is on our side then the ignorant opinion of all others is completely obsolete!

It is very dangerous and unhealthy to become too dependent on people. They will fail you every time, even those closest to you.

Learn how to hear the voice of The Living God. Building a relationship with The Savior is the only way of discovering REAL truths even if they involve correction that can sometimes be painful.

His opinion, correction, guidance and reverence toward us is all we need and all that truly matters.

Until Next Time, Happy Sunday!

8 thoughts on “Soulful Sunday – Painful Truths”

  1. A word for the body of Christ, Yes God is always speaking and in your blog, you tell us the many different WAYS He speaks, HOW He speaks and the importance of DISCERNMENT…… A WORD TO LIVE BY!!
    Thank You Chanel, as always I was totally BLESSED!

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  2. Yes, God has shown me I was too dependent on the people in my family, for love, understanding and advice. I am trying to remember to come to him first for what I need. People will let you down and disappoint you, as you said.

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