An Attitude Problem


Your attitude completely sucks!!

Yeah I’m talking to you and not so deep down inside you know it’s a fact! Got your attention? That’s certainly my intent; so keep reading!

You prayed for it and got it!

You asked and have received!

You plotted and pursued!

That job, that spouse, that car, that child, that house, that business; that thing that you just knew would change your life, satisfy your core and propel you to the next level.

You bragged about it, shouted over it, and celebrated that finally after a long while a breakthrough has finally occurred. To God be the Glory; Right?

But Within months of receipt your calm has converted to complaints. Your joy to jealousy and your peace to pain. What happened? This blessing was suppose to be the answer to your happiness! God certainly answered your prayers so why such discontent at the very thing you pleaded for?

Well I’ll tell you why again, it’s because of your crappy attitude!

I am so bold to declare because of my own experience of course. I’m living in it right now and it does not feel good by any means!

Several months ago I was working a job that felt like complete hell. For the first time in my career I did not get along with my boss. She was a micro-manager extraordinaire! She trusted nothing I did or suggested; completely stripping away my self confidence as a leader. The relationship got so ugly that I was ultimately written up after voicing a very strong opinion of why her management style was not effective. I have worked in the same industry for 20 years and I have never received a bad report about my work ethic. In fact I have retained 15 years worth of performance appraisals to solidify my position so I was quite offended by what I was experiencing! 

As a believer I began to pray about my next move. I was quite specific this time; so I thought! It had to be a leadership role, in a certain location, paying a certain salary. After a few months God gave me exactly what I asked for and the blessing could not have come at a better time. When I did not think my relationship with my boss could get any uglier, it absolutely did! God rescued me with answered prayer with a new promotional opportunity. Of course my first response was to rejoice; and that I did! God gave me exactly what I asked for but little did I know what I was getting ready to walk into!

In a short period of time the job proved to be extremely challenging and very stressful. It was worse than my last situation just in a different way. I encountered sets of circumstances that were beyond my control but initially I didn’t know that. I blamed myself and my self esteem continued to suffer. I began to complain, became resentful and ungrateful. I could not understand why I have been facing so much adversity from one work place to another.I began to throw spiritual temper tantrums worse than any 2 year old imaginable!

It wasn’t until God blocked every door I tried to open as a way of escape that I began to seek his wisdom. I was trying to make my own way and resolve a repetitive issue in my life the same way that I always have by running! God instructed me to look at my work environment through his eyes in order to see more clearly. When I did, I found other believers I could network with. He sent a few my way and they offered encouragement without me first warning them of my discord. God spoke through them and I was so thankful. In return I found others to encourage with acts of kindness even when they treated me indifferent. I also discovered that the leadership in my workplace don’t mind staff using conference rooms to pray! My new manager is also my biggest cheer leader. He is sympathetic to how overbearing the job is but he has my back! Where are you going to find a combination like that in Corporate America?

God showed me that I have all the tools I need to survive the hostility that comes along with the job responsibilities. I just didn’t see it because my attitude was completely off! It sucked for sure!

Do I love my job? No; but I’m grateful for it. I have to complete the assignment or learn the lessons that God sent me there to endure before he removes me; and that he will, just not in my time. For this assignment is not my “Destiny” just part of the preparation for it. 

What are you intensely focused on in the natural that is blinding you in the supernatural? If your motto is not working, try to see your situation as God would before you prematurely abandon ship. You will discover the purpose in the experience and make your time in it much more bearable. It really is your choice. Change your attitude or suffer longer than God ever intended. Who needs that!

3 thoughts on “An Attitude Problem”

  1. I’ve always had this strong and aggressive personality because I thought I had to. I grew up in an environment where my Dad totally took advantage of my Mom. My Mom was the woman with the kindest heart and soul. I don’t know how to sit and let GOD but I am sure I need to. Moving forward I will focus my life, my thoughts on “let God”. I pray for a wiser outlook on Life and Relationships.

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    1. My friend I completely understand and I am the same way in certain areas of my life as well. It’s not easy when you are use to calling the shots but those demand produce nothing or mass confusion after a while. Building up trust and a selfless prayer life is a really good start to turning over the keys of you life to him. It won’t be easy but you will be glad when you do! Love ya lots💕


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