Desperate For Destiny

The Intricate balance of transition and survival takes courage patience, prayer and a whole lot of faith! Being one who is sure that my life and it’s calling have so much more to experience than my current exposure is certain. My soul is anxious, restless and desperate for my Destiny. I constantly must remind my flesh of the spiritual formula that is necessary in this complicated transition. Giving up is no option no matter how bleak things appear to my natural eye….

What is Destiny? Well it’s only that element in life that fulfills meaning. It’s the definition of one’s purpose for being on earth. Destiny promotes contentment and is directly connected to the human spirit’s talents and passions. Operating in one’s Destiny rarely feels like resented obligations. Sense of time spent and challenges faced in the midst of Destiny are embraced rather than shunned. Purposeful pursuit and not loathing procrastination are often sentiments of abiding in Destiny. 

Ever witness a man or woman on a street corner playing an instrument like a horn or guitar? They belt out melodies effortlessly for their audience passing by. Some stop momentarily to acknowledge the gift. Appreciation is shown by depositing money in a hat, can, or bucket strategically placed for just that purpose. A symbolic reminder that although they are lost in flowing in their gifts, provision is still required. I’ve seen many of these freelancers in my day. Most appear completely absorbed in their artistry. More content with the act of basking in their talent than financial gain, yet they have found the balance between the two. It’s got to be their Destiny and the toughest part of the process.

Mine is a repetitive haunting dream that I can’t wait to experience in reality. Destiny, I know you are there for I feel you in my core daily, but how do I grasp you? I can’t simply walk away from the things I must do for provision. This fact feels like complete bondage. The word of God tells me that my gift will make room for me. (Proverbs 18:16) Mine I deeply believe is writing. Knowing what the gift is appears to be half the battle. For many don’t even know what their’s may be. The latter part of that scripture concerning “Making Room For Me” I have yet to experience but I long and wait for it not certain that it will ever come…..

Can you relate? Are you too in pursuit of Destiny? If so how are you responding to the frustrations in the process?
Maybe you have already transitioned into your life’s Destiny? I’d really like to hear from you. The testimony, surviving the process and words of wisdom are greatly appreciated…

2 thoughts on “Desperate For Destiny”

  1. Great write up and transparency Chanel! The pursuit of destiny and Purpose is indeed a JOURNEY. It’s one worth writing home about..about one worth absolutely taking! Since it is a journey, I would enjoy the process and don’t be overly concerned with the destination. The reality is we may not get EVERYTHING we are asking God for in this life, but our point in living is to live again, so I’m thoroughly convinced that what we don’t get on this side of heaven, we will get on the other! 🙂 Which takes me back to my point, don’t concern yourself with the destination but consume yourself with the journey and the purpose of each and everything God takes you through. Take joy in taking risks and walking the unknown path as that is where we find out how much we really depend on God.

    So to answer your question, yes I can relate. And although the transition isn’t easy, I try not to consume myself with it daily. Life is about not knowing what comes next because why do we need to know if God does. You simply have to be in a place to take the next step as that is all God requires of us…wisdom & faith to take the NEXT STEP.

    Love you lady and see you soon!
    Aka Mrs. Live on Purpose; )


    1. The most in depth, thought provoking response on my blog to date! Thank you Kadesha! You are a young woman that I admire and so full of wisdom! So glad that God allowed us to cross paths:-) I So appreciate your encouragement and testimony on you own Destiny Journey. To be continued for the both of us😇


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