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I DECLARE WAR! – 4 Steps in Spiritual Warfare

Recognizing spiritual attacks when they come against us is a must for The Body of Christ. Knowing how to respond to them effectively is even more crucial.

Scripture says we do not fight against flesh and blood but against the powers and rulers of darkness. (Ephesians 6:12) To break this scripture down in lay terms means that we can’t win the battles in our lives by what we physically see. We must fight Satan himself! Here are a few examples of fighting with our flesh against what we see:

Yelling at our children when they rebel repeatedly.

Combatting verbally and physically with our spouses when we hit tough spots in our marriages.

Plotting against our bosses and co-workers when they become unreasonable or unfair.

Stop speaking to our friends, associates or church family when they don’t conduct themselves as we feel they should.

Looking down on our neighbors when they cause offense.

There are many more but I trust by now that you get the picture. These fights break out and reek havoc amongst those matters we care for the most. This is especially true regarding our health and finances.

A natural first level of defense when we have trouble in these areas is to respond with our flesh. We yell, get mad, worry, feel defeated, complain, seek revenge, give up or do things we may later regret. When this happens we give our power to the enemy allowing him to win!

Satan, The enemy and adversary of our Lord and those who believe in Him constantly roams the earth seeking whom he may devour. (1st part of John 10:10) You can’t see him but he is there in the spirit and often uses what humans can see naturally. This causes confusion to those who don’t understand the enemy’s tactics causing responses to his antics in the wrong realm. The later part of that same scripture boldly states that Christ came that we may have life abundantly!!

Just like in the card game, WAR, we declare to our opponents that it’s on! We put on our game faces, line up our strategies and reiterate to the other player that they are going down!

When we fight in the spirit, we need to Declare War on Satan, gear up and send him roaming else where!

How do we effectively fight in the spirit? First and foremost we must learn to resist responding in the natural! This can be very difficult but is essential if we want to overcome! Here are four critical steps towards fighting spiritual wars:

1. Prayer – This may sound like a cliché but it’s a must nonetheless! Depending on what you are fighting, a 5 minute prayer asking for the same thing won’t do! You must up the anti! Get up early, stay up late, walk the floor, get a prayer partner and/or write down those things you are standing for. It’s sacrificial and your own flesh is not going to like it! You must push past those feeling and the voices in your head if you intend on winning!

2. Fasting – Turning down your plate is a powerful source to strengthen your inner spirit for this type of war. As you begin to kill the desires of your own flesh, your spirit will begin rising up and taking precedence. Adding fasting to committed prayer will sharpen your ear to hear from God. He will instruct and guide you as you show him that you are seeking his power and strength against what you are facing. (I recommend “The Daniel Fast”)

3. Word Declaration – Speak those things as though they were! (Romans 4:17) Verbal declarations of the Word of God is a powerful resource against the enemy. Starting with a few scriptures and speaking them out your mouth and into the atmosphere is a remedy toxic against Satan’s plans.

4. Praise – This speaks for itself! Exalt the Lord your God because it confuses the enemy! He expects you to be disturbed by the issues he is causing. When you begin to praise God he doesn’t stand a chance!!

If you are not use to doing these things it may feel unnatural initially. I can only encourage you to try it especially if how you are responding now is not working! I guarantee you responding in the flesh is a vicious cycle that will reap the same defeated results!

Do something different with the troubles in your life by putting on the full armor of God. (Ephesians 6:11) Declare Spiritual War for the back of the bible says We Win!!

My all time favorite song when preparing for Spiritual Warfare:

War Cry – Micah Stampley

It gets me hyped!!! 

Listen and PUMP IT UP!

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