Sweet Little Somethings

Little Somthings

Life has a way of throwing multiple challenges simultaneously that the clear view of what is truly important becomes barely visible. Rushing, hurrying, agendas, task lists and being on the go can cause many to overlook their daily little blessings.  I believe they are there everyday.  Even the worst times are not exempt of having something to be thankful for.  However, the  “To Do” lists can be so massive that our silver linings appear faint and subtle, if even evident to us at all. We tend to make the least-essential in life bigger than they need to be and minimize our essentials far too much.  This may be due to taking things or people for granted, having priorities mixed up or just being way to self absorbed. What ever the reason, non are good enough to downgrade or disregard what matters for the long run.

In order to re-channel my own distractions, today I wanted to stop and recognize a few “Sweet Little Somethings” in my life.  I am sharing 7 since I am a firm believer that this is the number of completion.

1.  The cutest quote from my 3 year old son last week first thing on a Monday morning. – “Mommy, you little hair is so beautiful!) He is referring to my short cut.  Too darn cute!

2.  My husband periodically goes to his favorite donut shop to pick up a pack of six.  I am not a donut eater by far.  (Not good for the waist line!) He knows this but typically brings me back a jelly donut shaped like a heart.  I noticed this in two purchases and thought that was so cute and thoughtful.  I typically don’t eat it but seeing that sugary, doughy, caloric chart topping treat makes me smile because I believe he is silently saying I love you.

3.  Spending time at an indoor water park with my family to celebrate my Step Son’s 11th birthday two weekends ago.  I had the opportunity to play with my step daughter who is 17.  Over the years I have felt that I am losing connection with her because she is growing up.  Having that time to play with mindless fun felt like old times.  I wish I could have jarred that moment in a bottle and take a dose every time I miss her.

4.  The sun shined brightly and warmly today.  My heavenly father gave a break from the harsh bitter cold and I so appreciated the reminder that season do change. All things are temporal.

5.  I got a big hug, shoulder to lean on, and an earth moving intervention prayer from one of my sister’s in Christ at church who recognized that I needed it.  And boy did I; more than I even knew!

6.  My mom sent me a short message through social medial that simply read, “I love you”.

7.  My brother sent me a text picture of my nephews that I have not seen in 3 years.  Their cute bright faces and smiles warmed my heart. I purpose to drive to Virginia this summer to spend time before they grow up.

Can you think of 7 “Sweet Little Somethings” that have occurred over the past two weeks?  What were they?  Who did they involve?  Did the thought of them make that problem that has been draining seem less essential?

Finally I will share a quote I stumbled on haphazardly while looking for a picture clip on line for this post. It is so timely!:

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” – Winne-The-Pooh

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