Burst on the Scene in 2015

2015 II

The entrance of a new year gives most a sense of renewed hope.  Putting the challenges or disappointments of the past behind creates a surged expectation for better outcomes.  Energy is high, awareness is keen, and having a heightened consciousness that something good is coming our way can be our repetitive emotional theme.  The New Year means new beginnings, a chance to start over, and trusting that our fate will change for the better. The clock strikes mid-night then suddenly we step into our second chance. Like a child on Christmas morning we are filled with excitement. We peer through our individual mental screen doors with dreams and hopes that our destiny is on its way.

I attended a prayer service at my church two weeks before the New Year of 2015.  The pastor facilitating the meeting gave a profound statement concerning the outlook for the coming year.  He challenged us to look at our expectancy differently.  The dare changed my life!

In summary of his passionate expressions he states that we should not be waiting in excitement for the New Year; The New Year is waiting on us!  Most people view the calendar changing with aspirations that things will change for them with little or no efforts applied on their own.  They may set goals and make resolutions initially but then quickly lose their momentum as the months go by.  They lose their passion and steam for various reasons by mid-year or sooner. Instead they allow a mentality of, “If it’s meant to be, it will be.” set in or put their faith in the concept of luck. By the last quarter of the year, these same people find themselves building up excitement again that a New Year is soon coming. They prepare to start the same vicious cycles over and over again with little or no progress made while life quickly passes by.

When I applied this mentality towards myself, I had a serious rude awakening. I was one of the many stuck in this cycle. So much time has been wasted on simply hoping and wishing.  I am now in the middle of my life and have missed out on countless opportunities because I gave up, lost steam, or became distracted.  Some things have been out of my control but most have been the result of my own choices. If things are going to change and I really want to embrace life’s best I have to allow the New Year to know that I am here and here to stay!

Can you see yourself in this same cycle or am I the only one? If you can relate to what I am expressing, ask yourself, what am I waiting for? Things are not going to come to me. I have to get up, get vision, stay committed and make it happen! The chances of our dreams dropping clear out of the sky without working for it is just like buying a lottery ticket.  The odds of winning this way are absolutely ridiculous! Let’s do something different and hold ourselves accountable. It’s not anyone else’s fault but our own if we feel held back. Set goals, make those resolutions but stick to them!  Sometimes goals have to be revised or delayed but should not be completely abandoned. Making the most out of every single day that we are given should be the ongoing intention of embracing every new morning.

I am going to trust the journey over these next 365 days. Excuses are not an option. I MUST change; it’s not anyone else’s responsibility.   What is the worst that can happen?  I already know what simply hoping and dreaming produces.   If my new ambitions don’t work I can always go back to simply wishing. However, something tells me that formula will never be an advancer.

Watch out 2015, Chanel Walker-Bailey is bursting on the scene!  Anybody with me?

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