Soulful Sunday – Seasons of Favor

When I woke up this morning, I felt a sense of gratitude to see yet another dawning but still perplexed that today is the final one of 2017.

This emotion has been rather consistent at the close of the past several years. I simply accredit the feeling to the process of maturity. I no longer take new days, weeks nor years for granted. Rather I embrace them with thanksgiving that My Savior gave me another chance.

I feel a season of favor is at hand. Not just upon my life, but many who will receive and perceive it with the right state of mind.

This “ Favor” I speak about is defined as a wave of blessings expected and unexpected. A massive switch in life’s normal outcomes that keep us at a status quo. An elevation to another level that we once only dreamed of is now becoming a tangible reality!

This is certainly the season I personally believe I am in. What will manifest in 2018 is going to blow me away! I just feel it and God has revealed it! For those reading this who believe the same is true in your own lives, you, I, we, must prepare to embrace this great takeover!

For all others considering these words, “Favor” doesn’t happen for everyone simultaneously. However, it does occur none-the-less if we are accurately positioned. How big that wave of “Favor” comes is strictly up to us individually and is directly connected to how much we believe.

This can’t be done without a level of faith coupled by natural acts we are all responsible for doing in order to bring that “Favor” into our realities. As we move into action, God will move with us operating in those areas that we have no control over. That’s Indeed The Formula For Favor!

If you don’t feel that you are in this season right now, that’s ok. We are not suppose to be at the same time. During these times of stillness we must be very careful not to become envious of others who are experiencing their overflow for they were once in a calm themselves. It’s just their time!

Yours WILL come if you are taking the necessary steps to get there. Until then we are to genuinely celebrate one another at every advance and realize that the spirit of jealousy is a trick from the enemy to cause a divide, distraction and a delay.

Instead of focusing too deeply on another’s progress, take this time to

Restrategize, be supportive, serve others, and seek God for direction on how to advance the agenda He’s called you to. The opportunity is there for us all just at separate times.

As we usher in 2018 in just a few hours, make it a point to get closer to God so that you may find out what your personal “Favor” looks like. Write out the vision, cheer on others then watch “The Suddenly” overtake you at it’s due time!

Until next Time,

Happy Sunday and Happy New Year!

8 thoughts on “Soulful Sunday – Seasons of Favor”

  1. Thank you! I appreciate your sentiments.

    I’ve been aware of the changes coming for over a year now. I just couldn’t speak of them during the first 12 months or so, as others needed to come into this awareness and catch up.

    This week, there have been dreams every night about this: how it will happen, how people will come in…

    There are some things I need to do. Thank you for your blessings. That’s precisely what I need at present. ❤

    I extend the blessings to you as well, so that you too may walk in your calling and complete your mission.

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    1. That’s just awesome! God always shows us our expected end in stages. If what’s in store is revealed all at once we probably would be scared out of our minds! 😅 Just enough to keep us moving forward as He continues to woo us forward with additional dreams and visions! Thank you for this response and I pray you experience all that you’ve been seeing in the supernatural to come full circle into the natural!

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  2. I so relate to this post. I can feel the same thing happening. This Holiday vacation has made me so tuned in and aware of the upgrades in progress and in the works.

    We are entering an advanced stage of spiritual development. The world is not going to look the same after this transition is complete… it might not even be the same world.

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    1. Well Hallelujah to all of that! Extended confirmation indeed! We better get ready for it will happen suddenly! Happy New Year to you and may everything your hands touch prosper!🤗


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